Digital Media

I use digital media to search and learn new things as well as communicate with other people. Digital media doesn’t play a huge role in my life but it is very beneficial. My dad takes classes online for him to get his masters degree. It surprised me that so many people think of themselves as a different person online rather than themselves offline. I don’t understand that very well. People can make false accusations about you online and get a judgment before they have ever met you. It is easy to keep in touch with people though. Also, I believe that a digital footprint of others or yourself could help or hurt you depending on the things that you post online. Colleges and jobs look at your facebook, twitter, etc. to help them make a decision of whether they believe you are a good fit for their program or not. Cyber bullying is a problem with social media, because often times people post rumors or say ugly things about other people. This looks bad on the person who is the cyber bully and many people don’t like bullies. Cyber bullying can cause people to do things that may harm themselves because they feel useless, so anything you post online needs to be something positive.

My First Week of School

I enjoyed my first week of senior year. It wasn’t difficult and mostly full of review. It was very boring at times but athletics gave me something to look forward to everyday. The one class I look forward to everyday is art. I love the teacher and it is a class where you can leave all stress behind and open your mind. Having made it thru the first week made me realize how fast this year is going to breeze on by. I’m a little nervous about graduating because I will miss all the people I have grown up with. Our grade is so close to one another and turning the page in my book is going to be a hard page to turn. I know that I won’t lose touch with everyone which makes me feel better.

I enjoyed the Por y Para project because it was an easy way to help understand the usage. Gloging is simple and well organized which helps the user put a glog together quickly. There weren’t many backgrounds or effects that I liked but it was easy to find things that fit with each other. It would have been easier to view the glog if you could scroll down the page and not have had to make everything fit on one page. Overall I enjoyed the project.


A mi mejor amiga le gusta sacar buenas notas siempre.  A ella le gusta pasar tiempo con mi porque nosotros nunca argumentar. A ella le gusta jugar en la nieve durante el tiempo de Navidad. A veces a ella le gusta cantar horrible ser grasioso. A ella le gusta mucho jugar al basquétbol.   A Madison Faber le disgusta perder un partido. A ella le disgusta casas embrujadas. A ella le disguta grosero personas también.


Mis Gustos

The showme project that we did was a good way to learn how to use verbs like gustar. I did not do well on the project because i misunderstood the directions, but I liked the project because i was able to use visuals which help me better understand things. The project also helped me memorize words and helped me with putting a sentence together. I would like to do another project similar to this one in the future.

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